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Individual Training /The Gym


In our gyms you have endless possibilities to build strength, endurance, cardio and flexibility. You can choose to exercise whatever you want, in the way that fits you. We can offer you both traditional machines and a vide variety of tools and large spaces for functional training.


Friskis&Svettis' gyms are for everyone - you are welcome if you never have stepped foot in a gym before or if you are used to lifting the heaviest weights. We take training seriously, but it should also be fun!

Minimum age for the gym is 13 years. If you are under 16, we recommend that you book an appointment with one of our gym instructors.

Need help in the gym? Every week there are available trainers in the gym ("Tillgänglig tränare"). Check out the schedule here.

You can also book an individual instruction with one of our gym trainers. It is free of charge for those with a gym card (or allträning, of course).

Also check out our classes in the gym - IMT (Inspiration med tränare).


Rules for the gym:

Keep it tidy. Please put handles, weights, kettlebells, mats, etc. back where they belong when you are finished.

Nice and clean. Remember to change into clean indoor shoes before entering the gym. Wipe off machines etc. with our environmentally friendly damp cloths.

We like children, but for safety reasons the gym is no place for them (the age limit is 13 years). Babies in for example a car seat are welcome though, before 16 p.m.

A lot of people in the gym? Make place for others between sets and limit your time on the cardio machines if someone is waiting. Also, our gym instructors have precedence when they are instructing.

100% clean. We strive towards a facility free from doping and random checks may occur.














reception öppen


Måndag   6.30-21.00  5.00-21.00     8.00-21.00   6.00-21.00
Tisdag   6.30-21.00  5.00-21.00     8.00-21.00   6.00-21.00
Onsdag   6.30-21.00  5.00-21.00     6.45-21.00   6.00-21.00
Torsdag   6.30-21.00  5.00-21.00     8.00-21.00   6.00-21.00
Fredag   6.30-19.00  5.00-19.00     6.45-19.00   6.00-19.00
Lördag   9.00-17.00  5.00-17.00     9.00-12.30   9.00-17.00
Söndag  10.00-20.00 10.00-20.00    15.30-20.00  10.00-20.00









Detta är sluttider för träningen, lokalen stänger 15 minuter senare.

Här kan du läsa vad som gäller i Kanonhuset när receptionen inte är öppen.>>

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